Beijing Giraffe Spinning Technology Co.Ltd, was founded in September 2000 in Changping Science Park Zhongguancun. The company mainly provides spinning technical support and process equipment supporting services for customers in the automotive, aerospace, railway and pressure vessel industries. The company is not only the belt pulley processing enterprise, but also a new generation of CNC spin machine research and development and production base


High-tech enterprises (Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun double recognition)

Authorized patents (invention, software, utility mode, etc.)

• ISO/TS16949:2002 International Quality Management System Certificate.

• National Plastic Engineering Branch forging equipment member unit

• Class D2 pressure vessel head production license

• Foreign trade import and export license


• GSC series new generation integrated CNC spin machine with full protection (safe, reliable, energy saving)

• Automotive engine drive rotary belt pulley (shock absorption, air conditioning, water pump and motor, etc.)

• Rail vehicle brake blocks (8", 10", 12 and 14" spinning blanks)

• Design and development or belt pulley spinning tooling and commission processing

• Spinning project technical consulting, product development and program demonstration


The company takes "product quality is the life of the enterprise; Continuous improvement is the driving force of the enterprise; With a wide range of satisfaction is the starting point of the enterprise "as the operating guideline, in the market competition to create the integrity-based corporate image.

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